The first couple of timetables to be published here come from the May 1979 edition of the Tyne & Wear PTE travel guide:

Located on page 625 are two express services (when express meant express!) that have long since disappeared.


The ‘X7’ ran between Newcastle (Marlborough Crescent) and Winlaton Bus Station and operated ‘non-stop’ along Scotswood Road. I am too young to remember this service but it looked an efficient way to get into Town (although one would have to walk from Marlborough Crescent along Clayton Street into the City Centre). I think it may have been replaced, in part, by the introduction of the ‘632’, a service which is not present in this guide.

The ‘X8’ had a longer lifespan lasting until the de-regulation of bus services in October 1986. Looking at the route, it would appear that this service was incorporated into the ‘X95’ and ‘X96’ services that operated during the late 80s and 90s.

Both were operated by Northern.